Beautiful Collision: The Inner Life

A question concerning our inner lives that is essential to Christian financial health is this: what lies beneath the surface in our souls? What lies beneath the surface in our souls? It is a fascinating question, and sometimes we need to take a hard introspective look into our souls to find the answer.

That’s So Last Year

Happy New You! This series is designed to help us make choices and commitments that produce lasting change this year and beyond! Week 1 — That’s So Last Year! (stepping stones) Week 2 — Altar-Building 101 (consecration) Week 3 — First Things First (priorities) Week 4 — Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (time management) This year, many people will make goals and … Continue reading That’s So Last Year

Greater Things

On the horizon are new adventures, new opportunities, new friendships, new chapters and a fresh, new beginning. With this clean slate comes room for tremendous growth! How exciting! With every new year we have the chance to push one another to become bigger and better versions of ourselves.